Electronic filing of your company’s estimated tax payable

To e-file your company’s estimated chargeable income, you will have to first authorise yourself to act on behalf of the Company.

You will need the following:

a) Your personal SingPass password and
b) Your company’s EASY access code

What is EASY access code?

Upon the incorporation of your Company, you will receive a letter enclosing your Company’s EASY access code (if you have thrown it away or misplaced it, you can request for a new one). This EASY access code allows anyone to authorise and file taxes on the Company’s behalf (not limited to corporate tax only). Follow the instructions and proceed to e-filing once you have successfully authorised yourself.

Once authorised, to proceed with e-filing of your company’s ECI:

a) Go to the login page on the top right of the website – Login to myTax portal – organisation / business tax matter
b) Enter your company’s tax reference number
c) On the left column – corporate tax – filing of estimated chargeable income
d) Enter the relevant figures (i.e. Revenue and Chargeable income) and confirm whether your company qualifies for full tax exemption.
e) Submit once all figures are in order
f) An e-acknowledgment page will be generated and you will be able to know how much estimated tax your company will need to file.

A Notice of Assessment (tax bill) will be sent to you if you have declared any tax to be paid during submission of your estimated chargeable income.

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