So what exactly does ECI stand for?

ECI = Estimated Chargeable Income

So what is ECI?

As the name suggests, ECI is an estimated tax that you pay to the IRAS before filing the company’s actual tax on 30 November.

Filing your company’s ECI is relatively easy and there are 2 ways to go about it. I will talk about manual filing in this post and electronic filing in the subsequent post.

1. Manual Filing of ECI (by post and / or fax)

First, download the excel spreadsheet form from the IRAS website.

Go to the tax authority website, search under keywords- ECI form.

There are 2 different forms for manual ECI filing. Please choose the correct one. (Do not choose the tax agent form, that form is for me).

Once you have downloaded the form, you will need to fill up the following:

a. Tax reference number
b. Company name
c. Section A – Tax Exemption
d. First YA of your company (for tax exemption purposes)
e. Revenue in SGD
f. ECI – 17% unless you are aware of different tax rate your company can enjoy.
g. Particulars of person filling up the form

If you are unsure whether you qualify for full tax exemption, kindly drop me an email and I can assist to assess whether your company qualifies.

Once you have completed the necessary fields, you can:

a. Fax the form (6351 4360) or
b. Mail or courier the form to Revenue House

Manual filing option is preferred when you are unable to get yourself e-authorised in time to electronically file your company’s estimated chargeable income.

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