30 November 2016
In case you are not familiar with this date, this is the deadline to file your company’s Singapore tax. If you have not started doing it, it is time to panic and get started right away. And you do not have to go to the Revenue house to queue and submit the documents. Simply courier to the Revenue House before the deadline (unlike the picture).
PS. Mail to the government agency is free of charges.

15 December 2016
So what does this date mean? The Singapore Tax Authority (known as the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, IRAS for short) has given you 15 more days to file your company’s taxes if you submit them online. For all tech savvy people like you, rejoice as you have more time to prepare the relevant documents for submission to the IRAS.

Documents needed to prepare for submission

For businesses making more than $1 million during your financial year (Good job there, keep it up)

Documents you need to prepare include:

  1. Audited financial statement / certified director report / certified profit and loss statement and balance sheet (only one of the following)
  2. Form C and Form IRIN (to declare your revenue, expenses and other tax figures)
  3. Tax computation (Computation on how to derive your tax payable)

For businesses making less than $1 million during your financial year (Don’t worry, I am sure business will pick up soon enough)

Document you will need to prepare is:

  1. Form C-S
    (Yup, 1 form only)

So, get started and submit these documents by 30 November or 15 December 2015. You may also call me to discuss how I can help you in terms of your company tax filing.

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